Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Center of the World

Normally in August there is a festival down at Pine Mountain Club (near Frazier Park for those that don't know) called the Center of the World Festival. The name comes from the fact that the Chumash people that lived there say that Mount Pinos is the center on the world. The festival operates on grants and has a theme that changes based on their current grant.

This year their grant was to develop historical fiction for the area local to Pine Mountain Club. This includes San Emigdio Canyon where currently the Wind Wolves Preserve is found and on up to areas found on the Grapevine, like Lebec. However they were unable to hold their event in August like they had planned.

 “So what?”, I hear some of you asking. Well, this year they are bringing their festival to us. Part of their grant was to take video of the 10-minute plays, songs and storytelling and make it available to the public. So as a place to get their video made they remembered the BeeKay Theatre.

And we're going to have an audience for these acts. On Sunday October 25th at 3:00 pm the BeeKay Theatre will host these acts for the Center of the World Festival. Admission will be by donation which will go to Tehachapi Community Theatre, and you will get a chance to see some historical fiction about a nearby area.

 My play “Alakiwohoch” is one of the acts that will be performed. The title of my play “Alakiwohoch” is the Chumash word for “shooting star”. There is also a play about an earthquake in the region in the 1850s. There are also two story tellers, including one “Peter Lebec and the Bear” which I have seen a version of, and enjoyed. There will also be songs about history of the area. More information will be coming, but go ahead and put it on your calendars now. There will be only one performance of this show, most of the people involved are coming from Pine Mountain Club and Frazier Park. And coming to see it will support the BeeKay, with you donation for admission.

 And besides, I like to have people see my work. So I'd like to see people come out and enjoy this show. It will be different from other things you've seen at the BeeKay, and maybe you'll learn something new about local history. I know I did when I wrote my play.

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