Monday, February 17, 2014

Yoda Was Wrong

OK, this might be a bit geekier that I sometimes get, but in one of the Star Wars movies (I think it was The Empire Strikes Back) Yoda tells Luke: “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Which may be true when you're trying to save the galaxy from an evil empire, but in normal everyday life, there can be lots of trying. A person doesn't have to always succeed or fail, trying in and of itself is an accomplishment.

Every Day Is New

OK, so maybe it's the fact that I just recovered from a nasty stomach bug where I couldn't do much except wallow in self-pity, but I feel like I've got a new start on life. Throw in the fact that the New Year is just starting and you generate all kinds of push towards self reflection. (Plus I was just out walking the dog and there's not a lot to think about while he's getting caught up on his canine communications. Sniff, sniff.)

There were a lot of things that I didn't get accomplished this last year. Of course, not everything actually fits into a year schedule. I spent a lot of time on smaller projects which left some of the bigger projects dangling. So this next year is going to be the year of the Big Projects. And since I have several of those I have to recognize that I might not get them all done this next year. But that's OK.

I have books and scripts where the first draft is done and I need to get them on to a second and third. And I might just have too many to be able to get all done in a year. Which I'm going to say is a good thing. I just need a big board on the wall with a list of them all, so when I find myself not sure what to do, I can just pick something off the list.

But then I'll need a second board to add all the new ideas I get, since that won't stop just because I'm working on finishing up the old ones. I think I might actually need a wheelbarrow full of notebooks that I take everywhere with me just so I can keep everything organized. (Perhaps someone could develop a small portable device that a person can carry around that can be used to store and organize data?)

But even as I try to make these big plans for the year, I do need to keep in mind that even if I do try to plan for forever, I need to do my best to live for today. Plans, even the best laid ones, can be changed, whether they've gone astray or not.

 As the “philosophers” Phineas and Ferb are known to say, “let's make today the best day ever.” And despite what you might have read on Facebook, that doesn't place any limits on tomorrow. Oh sure, some days you're going to still end up with a nasty stomach bug or something else unpleasant, but that just gives you an easy starting place to try to make the next day better.