Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moonpi and the Morning Routine

Moonpi is a dog. He's a dog that moved in here several months ago, and is here at this house legally. He's got papers to prove it. And over the past several months he has trained me for his preferred morning routine. Here's a typical morning for him.
  • To begin, make sure and start jingling the collar tags at least ten minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off (more is better). This is extra important on weekends when, for some reason, the alarm doesn't go off.
  • Next when the man sits down to put on his shoes, make sure and get in the way as much as possible. If not, he might forget that you're there.
  • Remind him where the cookies are kept. Eat cookies.
  • Sit with man on sofa while weather is being watched. If he seems about to find out what the weather is going to be for the day, roll over and start kicking legs wildly to knock remote from his hand.
  • When man gets up, make sure he remembers that you're supposed to get a treat before he gets on the treadmill. Make sure he remembers where cookies are kept.
  • Stare through window at the man as he walks on treadmill. Make sure to give him the look that says, you know this walk is wasted. There's no sniffing.
  • Once the treadmill stops make sure and greet the man, and remind him that neither of you have had breakfast yet.
  • Show him where the cookies are kept.
  • Stare at the man while breakfast is being eaten to remind him how good eggs are for dogs. Mmmm. Eggs.
  • After breakfast, remind him that he's supposed to go into that room and stare blankly at that screen and make little clicking noises.
  • If he stares at the screen for more than a few minutes, go get tugging towel and make sure he doesn't have any reason to type "All work and no play..."
Oh well. Maybe I'll get more writing done tomorrow morning. Come here Moonpi, let's play.


  1. Our cat, Mollie, loves to sit in my lap - ONLY when I'm typing on my laptop. (A laptop cat for laptop typing!)

    If it wasn't for our pets, I think we would get too focused on the stuff that doesn't matter.

    They're around to remind us of what does matter like cookies, treats, playing and just hanging out. Thank goodness.

    1. And for some reason that I have yet to be able to decipher, Moonpi absolutely HATES my printer. He'll come from anywhere to bark at it as soon as I start to print something.

  2. This was fun to read.Thanks for the smile and sharing from Moonpi's point of view. I like the way that dog thinks. Two words cookies and play.

  3. There is virtue in people who love pets, they are more human.

  4. Loved the writing from Moonpi's point of view. xoA

  5. Very cute. My cat is very vocal and refuses to let us concentrate without patting him at least once. He likes to sit at my feet and stare at me wondering why the whole family is on the couch and he's not. One word...Shedding. Great Post.

  6. At least the pup is patient...not sure I'd have stuck with you given how often you forget where the cookies are. ;-) Fun post, cute dog.

  7. You'd think after a while I'd remember where the cookies are. But I guess he's still holding out hope for me. At least I seem to mostly remember the route we have to take for walks. And going out front is the ONLY thing better than food.