Friday, March 6, 2015

Pi Day

Mark your calendars! It is almost Pi Day! What is Pie Day you may ask? Well, it a bit of fun based on math. The number pi (the Greek letter π) is the ratio of the length around a circle (the perimeter) to the distance across (the diameter). So to calculate pi you just need to measure around the edge of a circle then divide by its width. The number you will get (depending on how well you measure) will be about 3.14. So just for fun people have started to call March 14th (3/14) Pi(e) day.

With some more decimal places pi is about 3.14159265359... Would you look at that? The next decimal places are “15” well that's this year 2015! Then if you take the next places and make them into a time we could have 9:26:53.59. Which is a time, we could make it either AM or PM. So this year Pi Day is more special since there is a time, a bit before 9:30, that takes the decimal expansion of pi out to many places. Well folks, OK some folks, are excited about this, and are making a big deal out of it.

So what is the right way to celebrate Pi Day? By having pie of course. And there isn't much better than an excuse to eat pie. Even a silly excuse. So what's a person to do if you are a mathematician and a baker? Well, make pies. And plan for all day. Quiche for breakfast, pot pies for lunch, and either shepherd's pie or pizza pie for dinner. And don't forget all the dessert pies that can be made.

Do you have to eat pie all day? Well, no, I suppose you don't, though it's hard for me to imagine someone not eating pie all day given an excuse. But hey, that's me. But surely you can make an effort to have a slice of pie on Pi Day? And even if you don't bake, you can find a pie at one of the local restaurants or bakery. You've only got a couple weeks to prepare, so start planning now.

 Me? I've got some planning of my own to do. I need to do some research... Does a frittata count? It's like a quiche, but without a crust... But does the crust make a pie? And what about Boston Cream Pie or cheese cake? I'm glad I still have some time.

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