Friday, March 18, 2011


snowplant by mathnerd
snowplant a photo by mathnerd on Flickr.
over the moon
reflecting off granite walls
snowplant pushing up
vampire red
sucking the life's blood
of the pine roots
at the mercy
of Spring


  1. I have never heard of a snowplant. Sounds like it would go well with the Bat Flower (Triffid). Where did you take this picture at?

  2. Snowplant is a parasitic plant, no chlorophyll at all. It grows off the roots of pine tree. As I understand it, it's often one of the first plants up and is found pushing up through the snow. (There's a related plant called a pinedrop, that is brown, and is taller.)

    This picture was taken up in the Kern Meadows area. So north up into the mountains above Kernville.

  3. I have now seen a Snowplant. Actually we saw several on our walk through the sequoia groves in the same area you mentioned above. Cool. :-)